We are special

Inter-lodex takes every effort to make the customer’s visions come true, and to meet customer’s expectations, at every stage of the cooperation. We understand and adapt to the changing world of needs and expectations that evolve all the time.

We focus on complex services in hygiene, and offer a wide range of specialist cleaning products, cleaning disinfectants, disinfectants and antiseptics, professional equipment for cleaning and disinfection, and technical consulting services regarding, e.g. detailed sanitary programs and trainings for employees. Our consultants will support you in the ongoing activities associated with cleaning, and in emergency situations which require immediate intervention. We follow the trends on the chemical market, technology and research, which enables us to meet the demands of our customers, and offer concrete, simple and effective solutions within a short time, and using the latest technology, equipment and processes allowing for cost optimization.

kafel2We offer entirely new concepts and refrain from routine solutions – we always start with a hygiene audit, then we move on to diagnosis and, eventually, it is time for action!

We act fast – our logistic system ensures a delivery of cleaning and disinfection products within one day of the placement of order. We are close to our customers thanks to efficient knowledge and technology management.

We build partnerships with our customers. We establish relationships on the basis of shared professional interests, and the success of our operation is based on long-term relationships with our customers.