African swine fever – biosecurity program

BIOSECURITY is a program of protection of health of agricultural animals. Basic biosecurity activities include the use of good manufacturing practices, and cleaning and disinfection of production facilities.

CLEANING AND DISINFECTION are fundamental preventive measures that limit the number of pathogenic microorganisms to the level that ensures the safety of animal productivity and health.

These practices are especially important to ensure that the facilities are free from infectious diseases that are routinely combated, and diseases which have to be subject for registration, as in the case of African swine fever (ASF).

African swine fever is a highly infectious disease caused by a DNA virus from the Asfaviridae family. Effective disinfectants used in case of appearance of ASF are based on, among others, sodium hypochlorite, oxidizing agents, glutaraldehyde and citric acid.

The implementation of a biosecurity program, which will reduce the risk of appearance of infectious diseases, on every farm is very important for preventive reasons.

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