Food industry



Food safety is a guarantee that food products are free from chemical, physical, and, above all, biological (including microbiological) hazards, and they are not dangerous for consumers if prepared and consumed according to their intended purpose. The production and industrial processing of foodstuffs entails a high risk of microbiological contamination. In order to minimize the risk, high physical and microbiological purity standards have to be satisfied. Due to their diversified composition both animal and plant derived foods are an excellent ground for the development of microorganisms. Mechanization and automation of manufacturing processes and the use of more and more advanced preservation methods may substantially reduce the number of secondary food contaminants. These operations, however, cannot completely eliminate microbiological threats in food production. Our aim is to ensure correct hygiene in food production through the implementation of actions consistent with hygiene and sanitary requirements of a given production facility. Preventing microbiological threats at each food production and management stage, introducing appropriate hygiene procedures for employees make it possible to provide the consumer with high-quality and safe products.

We undertake all tasks associated with physical and microbiological purity in food production facilities by providing effective chemical products and tools necessary to maintain high hygiene standards at the workplace.

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