Sanitary inspection

With every new undertaking there is always the following question:What should I do?

The question enables one to find an agreement between the initial state of things and the objectives which have to be accomplished within a specific period of time. The answer to the question is the initial sanitary inspection. The inspection will ensure high hygiene standards through the careful selection of chemical products suitable for the type of impurities which can be found in the facility, and the adaptation of appropriate cleaning and disinfection techniques.

Before we start the real work, we can make an assessment of your hygiene standards at the production areas and beyond them.

Standard activities, which are a part of the assessment of the sanitary and hygiene standards in a production facility, include:

  • inspection of the rooms and equipment
  • diagnosis of the type and amount of impurities
  • inspection of the production machines
  • inspection of the cleaning and disinfection equipment
  • determination of the amount of time which can be spent on hygiene procedures
  • verification of the hygiene awareness of the personnel
  • discussing diagnosed microbiological problems

After the inspection and the discussion of the final report, we can help you with the elimination of diagnosed problems by selecting appropriate cleaning and disinfection products, developing individual solutions in cleaning, or providing additional training to your employees.

We keep the results of all sanitary inspections and the arrangements arising out of them confidential.

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