air disinfection


The air, though it is not an environment that favours the multiplication of microorganisms, enables the transmission of microorganisms. The microorganisms can easily float in the air or attach to dust particles etc. The impurities found in the air undergo sedimentation and, as a result, the dust and microorganisms settle on manufacturing equipment and surfaces.

The purity of air inside production facilities is determined by a few factors, e.g.: the intensity of use of the room, the number of people and amount of equipment inside the room, applied raw materials. The air pollution may increase as a result of inadequate communication solutions or lack of a lock in front of the entrance to the production floor. The high probability of the raw materials and products being contaminated with microorganisms residing in the air makes it necessary to monitor the air purity level on an ongoing basis.

Chemical air disinfection is a way to reduce the population of microorganisms in the air by using disinfectant aerosols. The advantages of chemical air disinfection include primarily the high biocidal effectiveness thanks to the application of microbiocides with broad-spectrum biocidal activity, and high penetration of the environment, as well as low technical costs and low product consumption.

Fogging in production and storage rooms is necessary to maintain high hygiene standards in production facilities. We provide aerosoling services based on cold and thermal foggers.

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