Biofilm removal


Water is used in many manufacturing processes. It is necessary for the purposes of both cleaning, and processing of raw materials. It also constitutes an ingredient of products, which is why it is highly important that it be free from microbiological impurities. To satisfy these requirements water has to be purified, and properly stored and distributed.

Water may contain physical and microbiological impurities, e.g.: in case of unanticipated stopover, system failure or construction faults in the circulation system, which can increase the risk of product contamination, decrease the productivity and increase the costs. A frequent cause of poor quality of water is a biofilm.

A biofilm is a multicellular formation composed of one or more species of microorganisms embedded within slime. It can be formed by bacteria, algae, fungi or protozoa. The microorganisms that form the biofilm are less sensitive to temperature and disinfectants. In the production environment a biofilm may develop inside pipes reducing the flow of water, and causing congestion and corrosion. A phenomenon that is particularly dangerous is the detachment of pieces of a biofilm from the surface, as it may cause microbiological contamination of the product. The layer where microorganisms develop is often insensitive to cleaning and disinfection products, and it is a serious threat to the physical and microbiological purity.

To be able to effectively remove the biofilm you have to know the biofilm formation mechanisms, and select appropriate products that will not affect the equipment and the environment.

We have a knowledge of biofilm formation mechanisms, and procedures and chemical products that will enable you to effectively remove biofilms.

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