Work environment safety


To ensure the safety at the workplace it is necessary to reduce the population of pathogenic microorganisms. Microorganisms may have a negative impact on human body and can cause a number of diseases, including occupational diseases. To reduce the number of professional risk factors it is necessary to use personal protective equipment and conduct surface and air disinfection by applying biocidal products that will eliminate microorganisms and are safe to use. An analysis of the sanitary conditions in the work environment pointing to the type of microbiological impurities enables an optimum selection of disinfectants. A correct selection of microbiocides will enable you to effectively decontaminate the environment and minimize the amount of chemicals used. The key elements of the decontamination process, apart from a correct selection of biocidal products, include their correct application, starting from the preparation of the disinfection area (cleaning) to following the recommendations regarding the concentration of the product and the time of application that guarantee effective disinfection.

Inter-Iodex has been providing preventive solutions and services aimed at physical and microbiological purity at the workplace for several years. We adjust the scope of our operation, which includes: the supply of chemical products guaranteeing high hygiene level, optimization of cleaning and disinfection costs, standardization of cleaning and disinfection procedures, conducting internal sanitary inspections, the development of professional hygiene procedures and employee trainings in the safe use of chemical products, to the specifics of a given production facility.

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